What is the minimum age requirement?

  • The minimum age requirement is 62.

Do you have to be a Quaker to reside at FHV?

  • No, Friends Home and Village are non-denominational communities that are open to all people regardless of race, faith or country of origin.

Are pets allowed?

  • Dogs and cats as well as small pets are allowed with the addition of a monthly pet fee.

What is the timeframe for being on the waiting list?

  • Applicants are welcome to join our waiting list at any time. Various accommodations are currently available for immediate occupancy.

How large is each community?

  • At Friends Home there are 38 units and at Friends Village there are 40 units.

What type of organization is Friends Home & Village?

  • We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

  • While residents of Friends Home & Village may be eligible or receive Medicare or Medicaid benefits due to health or life experiences, we are a private pay community. That means that residents and/or family pay monthly fees out-of-pocket.

What’s the difference between Independent Living and Personal Care?

  • Residents of Independent Living enjoy some support and services, such as meals, housekeeping, and transportation but can take their own medications and can dress, bathe, and groom independently. Independent Living residents can also generally prepare meals, perform some light housekeeping, and laundry. Personal Care residents may have difficulty managing some of these same activities. FHV’s Personal Care at Paxson Hall is licensed to help administer medications and assist with dressing and bathing. In addition, our Personal Care residents receive all meals as well as laundry service as a part of their monthly fee.

Do you provide Memory Care?

  • While some of our residents may experience some memory issues, Friends Home & Village is not a licensed memory care facility. A Memory care is not necessarily needed, however, if a resident experiencing mild to moderate memory issues is responsive to staff assistance and does not wander away from the community. Should the need arise, our Director of Resident Services will work closely with family whose loved ones may require additional onsite care or placement in a licensed memory care community.

If I need more help do I have to move?

  • Not necessarily. While each situation must be reviewed and approved by FHV’s Director of Resident Services, FHV often welcomes family assistance as well as assistance from outside home health agencies for its residents. Residents who require additional care would arrange and pay for this care privately.

What is “Supplemental Personal Care?”

  • FHV’s monthly fee for Personal Care includes the management of up to four (4) medications and assistance with dressing and bathing. Residents who receive more than four medications per day or who require more support than light assistance may be charged a monthly Supplemental Personal Care fee. This fee is assessed by FHV’s Director of Resident Services as resident needs are determined. The fees are charged monthly and are broken out into three (3) Tiers. Tier 1 is $100, Tier 2 $150, and Tier 3 is $200.

If I don’t need all the services offered, can you reduce my monthly fee?

  • All services are included in the monthly fee and are not offered on an as needed basis.

How often will my rent increase?

  • Rent increases take place yearly and are in effect as of January 1st of that year. FHV will give residents written notice of increases within 30 days. Because our Mission is to remain moderately priced, increases are kept as low as possible. If a resident is experiencing financial hardship, they are encouraged to speak with our Business Director for assistance.

What happens if I run out of money?

  • Friends Home & Village provides some assistance in times of financial need. Each situation is reviewed by our Executive Director and Board to determine the level of financial need required. Residents who foresee the potential for financial difficulty are encouraged to contact our Business Director as soon as possible.

What is the Community Fee and is it refundable?

  • The Community Fee is a one-time charge that is payable upon move-in to FHV. As a non-profit community, FHV utilizes the Community Fee for the upkeep and renewal of its two campuses. In Independent Living the fee is whole-month pro-rated over a 90-day period. If, for some reason, a resident chooses to move within the first 90 days, a portion of the Community Fee may be refundable. Once a resident has lived at FHV for 90 days, it is no longer considered refundable. In Personal Care, the community fee is non-refundable.

Is my application fee refundable?

  • FHV’s $250 application fee is non-refundable. It is utilized for administrative paperwork as well as the doctor’s physical assessment performed prior to move-in.