At Friends Home and Village you will live among active, interesting people who are doing things, going places, and looking to an enjoyable future.  You will be surrounded by friendly, engaging residents who care about one another and the community.  Newcomers will find shared interests and their talents appreciated.  Individualism is honored and supported.

Small by design and remarkably affordable ... you will be Free from the burdens of home ownership and maintenance.  Work on the computer, quietly read in the library, socialize on porches or limber up in exercise class.

Friends Home is ideally situated on a quiet side street in the heart of Newtown, and historic town with genuine Colonial charm.  At Friends Village just outside Newtown, there is an open, country feel.

Where you live matters!


The center of activities at Friends Home is Paxson Hall, named for its founder, Judge Edward M. Paxson.  This dignified, century-old stone building is home to 21 residents and contains several gathering areas and administrative offices.

Paxson Hall is a gracious, stately rambling building with tall ceilings and interesting architectural features.  Large staircases and an elevator lead to the second and third floors.  Residents find it easy to created unique personal spaces- no two rooms are alike; all have different configurations, and all have private baths

There are a variety of apartment settings, each with one or two bedrooms.  Residents can choose between apartments in renovated Victorian homes, a converted carriage house, or one-story cottages.


Friends Village was established to expand Friends Home’s accommodations for independent living.

In 1981, the former Styer farmhouse on Lower Dolington Road was converted to serve as the common building, housing the dining room and kitchen, a number of social areas, administrative offices, and approximately 12 rooms in the West Wing addition.

Friends Village contains 39 living units, primarily apartments in clusters of six to eight.  Five types of accommodations are available, all on ground level:

  • Studio apartments
  • One bedroom apartments
  • Two bedroom apartments
  • Extra-large two-bedroom apartments
  • Private rooms in the West Wing