Since 1897, Character & Caring

Serving the retirement needs of Bucks County for more than 120 years.


Our History

Henry C. Parry writes, in History of the Friends’ Boarding Home of Bucks Quarterly Meeting, “At the Yearly Meeting, held in Philadelphia in 1895, a tall Friend wearing a plain bonnet rose in the gallery and in the impressive manner characteristic of her, expressed a concern for ‘homes’ for persons of limited means and for others needing care and congenial companionship in their declining years.”

So strongly was this need felt within the Meeting that six Friends “Boarding Homes,” one from each local county, Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery were built from the generosity of those who believed in its mission.  Within these communities, the aging population of moderate income could find not only the tangible items that provide security, like shelter and food, but the intangible things that provide comfort like care and companionship.

An innovative idea, the concept of affordable community living for seniors was more than 120 years ahead of its time and was generated during an age when the safety net of social security was not yet a twinkle in FDR’s then 8-year-old eye.  Spurred on by Quaker principles of equality and community, the concept was to give seniors a choice, a voice, and the dignity they deserved to live out their retirement years.

Friends Home & Village has continued this mission since 1897.