If you’re anything like most other folks, at some point you’ve thought about writing about your thoughts, experiences, or stories.  Whether provoking imagery or entertaining through fiction or helping others by telling of life experiences, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and investing the energy to share your thoughts with others contributes to larger conversations in and around the community and the world.

Friends Home & Village is fortunate to have among its residents several accomplished authors who write about a wide variety of topics, including fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  Here are their latest titles; you can purchase each work from Amazon or at Market Day on October 5th.  Happy Reading!

After the Doors Were Closed by Judith Solt

Judith shares difficult life experiences in order to offer hope to others and open doors around the world.

The Gypsy Quaker by Nancy Adams

A book of beautiful poetry, written by Nancy offering vivid imagery and intense emotion.

Walking My Path: True Stories of a Spiritual Life Journey Designed by God by Nan Beans

Believing there is no such thing as coincidence, Nan writes of true, inexplicable life experiences while delving into the lives of her ancestors.

Seagate House: Legacies of Long Beach Island by Jeanette Fusco

Having experienced a frightening incident at Seagate one October night, young Ella follows the journeys of her ancestors to unlock hidden family secrets.